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(nee Bolton)

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Advert from 'The Stork Magazine' - 1

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Advert from 'The Stork Magazine' - 2


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The Original Isherwood's Shop in Upper Westgate ?


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Leeds (Lands Lane ?) Shop Pictures -  1959 ?

Unknown, Peter Wilkinson, Barbara ?, Dave ? (service dep.),
Eric Youhill (service manager), is the lady Mrs Backhouse ?,
Gordon ? (sales),  ? (service dep.), Ronnie Hodgson (sales),
Margaret Bolton (sales and accounts),
unknown ( record dept.), Gloria ? (record dep.)


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Margaret Demonstrating a 'State of the Art ?' Twin Tub Washer  (1959)


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Another Version of Margaret Demonstrating a
'State of the Art ?' Twin Tub Washer  (1959)


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Margaret Demonstrating a 'State of the Art ?' Shoe Cleaner !
Yorkshire Evening Post Clipping - October 1960
( I am assured that the legs are Margaret Boltons ! - Mel )

D - You can clean your shoes electrically now.
Automation has now reached such a mundane task as
shoe cleaning - you can buy an electric shoe cleaner ......


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A    A SLIM television  (Ultra Bermuda)
with automatic tuner and selector

An automatic tuner and channel selector, a VHF radio and a slim, elegant cabinet are three excellent features of the new Ultra Bermuda 17 inch de luxe television set which has arrived at Alwyn Isherwood of Leeds, Lands Lane, straight from the Radio Show in London.

A press of a button on the dial selects your TV channel or VHF station, ready tuned automatically and simultaneously illuminates the dial face to indicate the channel or station in use.

Available in three different colours and finishes, the set is light enough to be moved from room to room and the short neck 110 deg tube is guaranteed for 12 months.

The model pictured is covered in Caribbean blue Armoride fabric with a screen frame in sea island white, a speaker grille in moonlight silver and silver tipped controls.

The price is 74 Guineas

The set is also available without the radio and automatic selector and tuner, and both types can be had with a 21 inch screen  -  all at different prices of course.

B    USEFUL heating device for baby's bottle

C    DURABLE Vinyl floor covering
from America

D    ORIGINAL lamps
from wine bottles and vases

E    TEENAGE disc fans will "dig" this
fully transistorised record player by BUSH.
Incorporating VHF Radio
(light programme only)
22 Guineas from Vallances, Briggate, Leeds.


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Margaret's Picture of a boat trip - passing through Fall Ings Lock (Wakefield)

Mel's Comments
This lock has no ground paddles - only gate paddles which must be opened VERY slowly.
Boats should be kept well back from the 'head gates' NOT like the boat in this picture !

I think the green boat is 'Tony One' and DID sink in Fall Ings Lock !!
(I'm not surprised - seeing this picture !!)

Click Here for Lock Mechanisms

Click Here for Mel's boat 'Oxford Blue' in Fall Ings Lock
58 ft 'Oxford Blue'  &  35 ft 'Baby Blue were Mel's Charter / Hire Boats
('Narrowboat Charter' based at Stanley Ferry 1993 to 1997)

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Fall Ings Lock  -  Early 2004

Removing the water will prevent boats sinking in the lock !!


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Margaret's picture of narrowboat 'Housemartin' of Peterborough
passing 'The Boat Inn' Allerton Bywater (Castleford)
"The Boat Inn" was taken over some years ago by Brian Lockwood (ex Hull KR player)
The Boat Inn has a reputation for excellent meals and is recommended

Brian also ran other pubs including:
The Sun Inn  (Lofthouse Gate)
The Navigation (Calder Grove)
The Ferryboat Inn (now Millhouse - Stanley Ferry) etc

Brian recently attended as a Guest  Appearance at the 'Johnathan Caroll Road Show' -
a Charity Concert with Michaela May, Johnny Martell & Ex-Cell
including a BBQ held at Lofthouse Gate Working Mens Club
The function raised a considerable amount to help sponsor the Under 11's Rugby Team
Tour in Australia


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Margaret's picture of a 'Snaygill Hireboat' (Skipton)
passing 'The Boat Inn' Allerton Bywater (Castleford)

Margaret worked alongside Bingley 3-Rise Locks for a short period

Click Here for Mel's Boats


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Narrowboat 'Housemartin' of Peterborough  -  now moored in Skipton !

Thanks from Mel & June to the Skipper & Crew of Narrowboat 'Housemartin'
Shared swingbridge work between Bingley & Skipton - 27th June, 2003
note - raining for first time during our cruises this year ?
(Skipper / Crew  -  if you view this page - please email names / information)

Click Here for Mels 2003-2004 Boat Log


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More Picture from Margaret
Outside the 'Bingley Arms'  -  Horbury Bridge  (on the Calder & Hebble Navigation)
Top:  13/07/03   Bottom:  25/04/04  -  Narrowboat 'Candi'

Click Here for Mels 2001-2002 Boat Log

Click Here for Margaret's Initial Info

and Click Here for More Info from Margaret  (05/01/04)


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