Margaret Bolton  (now Davidson)
Personal & Present Details
Isherwood's Period
At present I am retired.
From 1959 I worked at the shop in Lands Lane Leeds I was a sales person and also worked in the accounts office, under Willy Grogan.
I have 2 pictures of myself taken by the evening post of me demonstrating a twin tub washer and a shoe cleaner, I think I stayed there about 2 years, Peter Wilkinson gave me a lift to work from Outwood in the firms van, he was an aerial rigger for Isherwoods who came from Wakefield
Further Information
Hi Mel thanks for your mail, i do remember other people the sales men were Ronnie Hudson, Ken Damiani, i think that is how you spell it, and Gordon, i don't recall his last name. There was a girl called Angela in the record department, and i used to work with a Shiela Guy, when i was in the accounts department.
I went out one time with Ken Damiani to Demonstrate a washer it was a Bendix, at that time as i remember the  automatic washers used to be set on a concrete base as they didn't have the weight built in as they do now, anyway the house was in Kirkstall up a very steep hill, a terrace house,the people were asian so there was a communication problem, i was trying to tell her that the washer would get the water it needed and would then stop filling up, but as you guess something went wrong and it didn't stop, there was no stop tap in the house we had to go up the street to find were it was, the people were out so i think we had to get the water board out, i never volunteered to demonstrate another washer!!
I remember Harry secombe visiting the shop, I got his autograph, I asked him to make it out to Elsie as I knew my mother would like it, when he gave me it he said nice to meet you Elsie i didn't have the heart to tell him i was moor into Cliff & Wee Willie Harris !
My husband found this web site from the Wakefield Express, it is a great site lots of interesting stuff to look at, I will find my pictures out for you, i have remembered i have another of me demonstrating an Ultra Bermuda t.v. set.
(now on Margaret's Pictures 28/03/04)
I used to go to the shop for Willie Grogans daily fix each day 40 senior service & half a pound of chocolate butter dainties.
my elder brother was a mate or Peter Wilkinson, do you know where he is these days?
I hope some of this info will be of use to you, keep up the good work, thanks Margaret Davidson  (nee Bolton)

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Other Interests
My interests include Gardening, Photography, Travel, Visiting family in South Africa & America
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