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The movie reminds me ......
of the time I spent running the Isherwood's 'Tube Factory' in Barnsley. Officially this
was a new company 'Alwyn Isherwood (Electronics) Ltd'  - letterhead below.

We reconditioned television cathode ray tubes, (monochrome of course in 1959 /1962).
All the techniques we used were VERY similar to the techniques shown in the movie.
Though we sometimes fitted new heater-cathode assemblies to old electron guns, it was more economic to replace the whole 'gun' - at around 7/6d (37p).
We sold the reconditioned 'tubes' to our parent company for 4 10s  (4.50) - all sizes.
A relatively small number of tubes were sold to other TV repair companies.
At that time, new crt's were about 1 / inch + Purchase Tax;
i.e. around 17 + P.T. for a 17" tube ! so ......

Our parent company made large savings and the Electronics' company made good profits.

n.b. The 'Electronics' company closed in 1962 - major reductions in tube prices AND valves were offered by 'Mullard' and 'Mazda' on the condition that we closed the reconditioning plant. 
I had had some three years experience so was quite happy to move back to TV service work then, in 1963, to move to Kitson College (Leeds) as a senior technician.
In 1966 I became a lecturer and, later, a senior lecturer & course tutor.

An Electronics Department Letterhead

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Copy of Alwyn Isherwood (Electronics) Ltd  Business Headed Paper
This was the CRT Reconditioning Plant at Barnsley (1959 - 1962)
Operated by Mel Ashton & David Inman  -  Managing Director George Crossland

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