Melvin  Ashton
Personal & Present Details
I was 79 years of age on 30th August, 2019
Married Meg (nee Cowen) - Barnsley Service Dept. Office - in 1964    Divorced 1989
Married June Spawforth on my 74th birthday, 30th August, 2014
Visit:  (new window). 
Partner June Spawforth  (from 1990).
Meg and I had no family,  June has a Step Son & Step Daughter - both with families.
(Tragically, June's step daughter was killed in a light aircraft crash)
We lost our miniature Yorkshire Terrier 'Holly'  on 8th May, 2008 (14.5 years of age).
We lost our poodle 'Sonny'  on 29/08/02 and our budgie 'Peter' in December, 2004.
No more pets but ... Our 'family' is now a Toy Poodle 'Chloe' - D.O.B. 02/08/08
June & I lost Chloe on 16th August, 2019 AND ...
I lost my wife and soulmate, June, on 23rdSeptember, 2019:
Check out my
tribute to June
However, on 7th November, 2019, I was fortunate to gain a lovely, 2 year old, Yorkshire Terrier,
RIP June, Chloe, Holly, and others
Isherwood's Period
I left school at 14 years of age - due to my birth date 30th August
I had to wait until I was 15 to start an apprenticeship at Alwyn Isherwood Ltd.
With no GCE's etc, the Service Manager - George Crossland - said my appointment was probationary and that I MUST attend Evening Classes and that if I failed I might lose my job  (trembles !!)

1955-59   Radio & TV Service Apprentice - mainly TV service work
(inside at George Street Wakefield).
1959-62   Ran the 'Tube Factory' - crt reconditioning (black & white !) at Barnsley
This is where I met Meg who worked in the Barnsley service department office.
1962-63  TV Service work
(the 'tube factory' was closed due to offers from Mullard & Mazda - the auditors later said the 'tube factory' was probably the most profitable section of Isherwoods!)
Left Isherwoods in 1963 to work (initially) as a technician at Kitson College of Technology - now Leeds City College.

Further Information
I had done some part time teaching at Kitson College while at Isherwoods.
I moved into full time teaching at Kitson College in 1966 and was also a part time tutor for the Open University for 9 years (to 1988).
I took early retirement from teaching in 1990 - at 50 years of age - as a result of ill health following my divorce.
From 1993 to 1997 I ran a 'Narrowboat Charter' business but sold the business due to various problems (though the business was progressing well !).
Check out my Family Tree ?
Check out my CV ?
Other Interests
My main interest was cruising the Inland Waterways in my boat. Unfortunately now no boat !!
Take a look at my boats and boat logs if you wish - there are picture links - particularly on our Wakefield area and North Yorkshire cruises.
Some years ago I attended a 'free' course at Wakefield College to up-date my computer knowledge (I had not even tried Microsoft Windows before).
The City & Guilds qualifications (levels 1 & 2) were not compulsory but I took them (and passed !).  They covered the usual basics - Microsoft Windows, Word Processing (Word), Spreadsheets (Excel), and Databases (Access).
I enjoyed the course and subsequently covered 'Telematics' - the Internet, Email and Basic Web Page Design.  I then completed the 'Telematics 2' course at Wakefield College.
I do this as an interest (hobby) but am trying to help the funding with basic web sites for home or small business use.
Take a look at my websites if you wish.
Please let me know - by the email or web form facilities- that you have taken a look.  I haven't included a 'Guest Book' since email / mail form should suffice.
Now fully retired & help out with Outwood Computer Club at Outwood Memorial Hall.
Mel's Pictures   Other Pictures
Your Information
Please let me have some present and past information - particularly the Isherwood's period - which I can include in this website..
I would prefer you to use
email or mail form, but if you wish, you can telephone me:  (01924) 834 464 home     (07740) 282 567 mobile.
Or use 'snail mail' to my home address (obtainable by email or telephone).

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