Microsoft HDMI DisplayAdapters

This page was created on 20/04/19 and last updated on 22/05/19 by Melvin Ashton, Outwood, Wakefield UK

These devices are compatible with Microsoft, HP and Android devices but, currently, NOT with Apple devices !

I previously used a fairly long HDMI cable to connect to our large screen LG Television Receiver .....

The cable restricts the distance that I can work with my PC or Tablet so I purchased TWO Microsoft Adapters ...

MSDisplayAdapter_7D  and  MSDisplayAdapter_3B
Two hexadecimal characters allow up to 256 possible devices (00 to FF).

These devices allow my two TV receivers to display a 'duplicate' of my computer, laptop or tablet screen (my requirement).

Also, if required, one or more TV's can be set as 'extended desktop(s)' ....
Folders, files and even the page curser can be moved from one desktop to the other by swiping left / right.
This is particularly useful when extended desktop space is required - e.g when producing videos.
Note that this, and other features, are set up by a Windows program and not within the Adapter program.

Fig 1
This picture illustrates the small size of the device.
The HDMI connection plugs into a TV HDMI input.
The USB connection is to power the adapter and ....
a short USB extension lead is provided should the two TV inputs be too far apart.

If not already done ......
I suggest that you rename your computer / laptop / tablet
to a suitable short name; e.g. 'your firstname-laptop'

Set up of the TV is very easy and Automatic:

1) Plug the Adapter HDMI connector into a TV HDMI input;

2) Plug the Adapter USB connector into a TV USB input;

3) Switch the TV on and select the designated HDMI input.  The TV should then setup very quickly ....

Fig. 2  The TV after setup

4) On your Computer, Tablet, or 'Phone, search for a new device - the MSDisplayAdapter should appear.
    On Windows 10, Type 'Control Panel' in the 'Type here to search' box.
     Under 'Hardware and Sound'; Select 'Add a device'

On selecting the MSDisplayAdapter the TV should show it connecting to your computer.

Fig. 3 Laptop and TV after setup

Note that I found this setup quite easy BUT - on next attempting to reconnect I have had problems ('solved').

5) Alternative Applications  (Open Windows 'Project' Page)

Fig 4    With Window10:

In the 'Type here to search' box; Enter 'Project'

Available Projection Options:

PC screen only

Duplicate (My requirement)


Second screen only

Connect to a wireless display

I had problems connecting my Microsoft Surfac 2 Laptop (a web search shows that many others do).
Updating to the latest operating system cleared the problem on 20th April, 2019

SEVERAL YouTube setup video's are available, e.g. this MSDisplayAdapter Setup Video
Also the Microsoft Surface Laptops,  the Microsoft Surface Doc, ALL microsoft accessories and Cases and Covers

Firmware update and additional settings:
Download the Wireless Display Adapter App from the Windows Store
My _7D adapter is version V.2.0.8350

Please let me know how things go  if you try one of these devices by email to:

Purchased from AMAZON  Current price (version 2) 42.99 - April, 2019





















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