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June had a very bad accident on 11th September, 2016 ........
She attempted to dismount from her mobility scooter but had not turned the key to the 'off position'. She then accidentally caught the reverse lever and the scooter effectively 'threw her' onto the concrete paving outside the Richmond Guest House.  Bridlington hospital has no A&E so June refused my request to call an ambulance - which would have taken her to Scarborough Hospital since Bridlington Hospital no longer has an A&E department !
Though I suggested we return home and to Pinderfield's Hospital, June refused as she was confident that she had not broken any bones - though she fell on her LEFT side which had the titanium rod from knee to hip, screws at top & bottom of the rod and screws & pins stitching her badly broken hip from her fall in 2009 !
A visit to Pinderfield's on 17th September showed no broken bones and June has managed to progress, with my help, from TWO crutches to ONE crutch as I type these notes on 6th October, 2016 !   June is adamant that she will be ok for another two weeks in Bridlington which we had previously booked! (we also have two weeks booked over Xmas & New Year).


June is currently undergoing tests as a result of several instances of 'passing out' ......
Most likely cause is fluctuating blood pressure, (currently slightly high), and June is taking medication and will visit doctor again for further tests !
  Updated  19/02/15  Refresh Here    broken humorous, (left arm)


Next Physiotherapy session with Phil Dixon at 2:50pm (cancelled)


Further X-Rays and examination showed shoulder joint back in line !!
No further visits required other than for physiotherapy.


Dr Lloyd, ( follow up to 20th Jan.), happy with June's progress - prescriptions.


Again, June was complemented on results of her current physiotherapy exercises,
and given new exercises !


June was complemented on results of her current physiotherapy exercises,
and given new exercises !


Dr Lloyd - anti-depressants prescribed - 1 at night, next appointment Tues 17th Feb.


Further X-Rays at Fracture Clinic Showed A 'slight' improvement
June is to start Physiotherapy
Next appointment with Phil Dixon at Pinderfield's Rehabilitation, (Physiotherapy),
on 21st  30th January - this will be the start of a long road to recovery !


Next appointment is Wednesday 7th January, 2015 ....
We have tried, several ways, to get an earlier appointment as the surgeon had
stressed that June should have an appointment near to Wednesday 24th December
but 'they' claim an earlier appointment isn't possible.


Further X-Rays at Fracture Clinic showed a badly broken humorous, (left arm),
close to her shoulder joint - further X-Rays requested by doctor in a weeks time
but XMAS holidays will present problems.
June obviously has a lot of pain from this AND from her side
which was the result of trying to save herself.


Bad News ..... Wednesday 10th December, 2014
June had a fall on Wednesday 10th December; X-Rays showed a broken
humorous, (left arm),  close to her shoulder joint
In an attempt to save herself, she cut her right hand and suffered a strained back
which has created a lot of pain.

(she has a titanium rod with pins and screws in her left leg from a fall
some five years ago).


June fell at top of home steps - ambulance called                           top

Good News 2014 ..........
We were married on 30th August, Melvin's 74th birthday.
Information, wedding day pictures, wedding function pictures, wedding music and
more is available from our Home Page www.bolusclose.co.uk/

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