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NI No. ZT 71 52 30 B       EHIC PIN UK 1346 5602       NHS / Hospital No. 7160069

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Friday 07/11/08 After 2 repeat prescriptions of Capsules and Gaviscon June is much happier though she can still feel 'something'.
Our new Toy Poodle 'Chloe' on 20th September has helped !
Friday 08/08/08 Mr Condon:  Explained the problem was a 'chronic infection of the oesophagus'
June was given a prescription for more 30mg Lansoprazole Gastro-resistant Capsules - for 1 month - possibly 2 and 'Gaviscon advanced sugar free oral suspension aniseed' (4 x 5ml spoonfuls at night).

Saturday 26/07/08 Letter to attend Clayton Hospital on 08/08/08 - Mr Condon (surgeon)
Friday 25/07/08 - Doctors receptionist (Cath) got Dr Sanderson to contacted hospital.
A letter will be sent re results (a chronic throat infection).

June has been very depressed recently - it started back in February / March with what the doctor assumed was a virus (common at the time).
She visited a doctor - first time since losing her husband Michael 20 years ago !
The doctor prescribed a course of Penicillin and a second course when that didn't work.  June  was (is) convinced it is cancer and, though the doctor was adamant it wasn't, she (the doctor) arranged for blood and hospital tests.  The blood test was clear and a subsequent ultra-scan did not reveal anything but these tests didn't help convince June.
We visited Clayton Hospital on Friday, 27th June, for a test on her throat.  She didn't want me to go in with her but the doctor recommended that I should be present.
He checked a small lump / piece of skin and said he thought it was merely a wart.  After asking June's permission he quickly cut it out and sent it for analysis.
He then performed an endoscopy of her throat via her nose (it seems that this is less distressing than via the mouth).
Looking at her throat he said that "he couldn't believe what he was seeing".
TWO more doctors were called in to view her throat through the endoscope (I think one was Mr Condon - the other could have been a trainee).
He then said he wanted June in again, WITHIN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS, for a biopsy.  This MAY be achieved via her nose or mouth but MAY require access by an operation via her neck.
Obviously the endoscopy was very uncomfortable and lasted longer than anticipated (other doctors) and has left June with a very sore throat.
It is a little better now - I have emphasised that ANYTHING affecting the internal throat makes it sore for quite a while (bone stuck, hot soup, etc).
June is obviously now more depressed that before - she thinks that 'he has seen it all before' and KNOWS what it is, even though, when she asked him directly if it was cancer he said "50:50" and to wait for the results of the biopsy.
The ultra-scan at Pinderfields on Tuesday, 1st July, was clear !
Pre-checks (heart, etc), was at 11:30am on Monday 7th July - prior to biopsy by Mr Condon
Thursday 10th July at 12:00 (home Friday 11th July). June was given 30mg Lansoprazole Gastro-resistant Capsules for 1 month - possibly 2.
When asked about smoking & drinking, June was honest and said "I have smoked since I was 16 but now smoke less than 20 / day.  I drink about 2 pints of lager and 2 pints of Guinness every day".
Obviously he said either was bad but BOTH presented a serious risk to her health.
No point in her cutting down while she is depressed.  Best to wait for all the results and take any necessary action from there.
I obviously hope that it turns out to be not serious but, again, we will cross bridges IF and when we come to them.

Losing our 14.5 year old Yorkshire Terrier "Holly" on 8th May obviously didn't help the situation - though Holly had done very well and died peacefully in Junes arms.                        Updates

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