Pinderfield's Hospital Gymnasium Pictures

Doreen and Melvin Ashton's Father, Herbert Ashton, fell from a Pontefract cinema ceiling while installing electrical wiring in the early 1940's .......
With a broken back, Pontefract Infirmary transferred him to Pinderfield's Hospital, Wakefield, in order for him to be nearer his wife, Violet Ashton, nee Lawton, and his children, Doreen and myself, Melvin.
Dad had been in severe pain following the fall but always maintained that, though he was strapped at an unusual angle, he was at last free from pain.
Following treatment and physiotherapy he actually 'walked home' across Newton Hill fields, occasionally resting his chest - in a plaster cast - on the fencing !

Pinderfields 1
Letter from John Colson who posted the photographs to Herbert Ashton
following treatment & physiotherapy in the new hospital gymnasium


The letter from 7 Cut Northgate Bury St Edmonds reads:
Dear Mr. Ashton,
Herewith, your photographs.  I hope you like them; I think them excellent.  As they are from my book please see that they are not reproduced in any way in any paper.  I hope you are now well on the way to full recovery.
Sincerely yours,  John Colson 
Further Information

Pinderfields 2


Pinderfields 3


Pinderfields 4


Pinderfields 5


Pinderfields 6


Pinderfields 7

One of SEVERAL replies regarding my request for further information:
Christopher Norris:
John Colson was one of the pioneers of Remedial Gymnastics and principle of the college and head of department at Pinderfields hospital in the early days. He wrote a later book (later copies with Frank Collison, an RG at Pinderfields) called Progressive Exercise Therapy (line drawings, no photos) which was the bible to RG at the time. Last published by Wright PSG in 1983 - although I think there may have been an earlier version as well. Editions are still listed on Amazon:
Books by John H C Colson   (new window)

A picture from a book (also provided by Christopher Norris).

To my late Dad, Herbert Ashton
  R.I.P. Dad
John Colson,
principle of the college and head of department at Pinderfields hospital in the early days.
Christopher Norris, and others who kindly replied to my request for information relating to Dad's pictures.

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