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June and I lost our toy poodle, Chloe, on 16th August, 2019 ! AND ....
I lost my Wife & Soulmate, June, on 23rd September, 2019 !
Check out my tribute to Chloe & June AND my new companion Ernie

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Victoria Sailors and Working Mens Club

Richmond Guest House

A Video of Chloe, June & Melvin's Room

Melvin's Flamborough Stuff

The Brunswick Hotel

Bridlington - Facebook    East Riding Leisure

Brid Developments (pdf file includes central picture)
includes a picture showing harbour, The Crescent, etc.
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The Wish Cat Cafe (recommended by Melvin Ashton)

Wetherspoons Prior John    George    Greyhound

Harbor_Lites    Hook_and_Parrot  Kings_Arms    Parade

Mary's Cafe - Menu   Richie's Cafe Bar (South Beach)

Headlands Cafe (Flamborough)

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The Spa    Bridlington Lifeboats (new)

Flying Dragon Chinese Takeaway (delivers) 01262670938

Other Chinese Take-aways  (includes Flying Dragon)

Emporor Ming 01262673829  01262606655  07780990531

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Chloe's Facebook Account
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A Day Trip to Bridlington 5th June, 2017
Courtesy Michael Hooley

Bridlington Pirate Ship Leaves and Returns
th June, 2017
Courtesy Melvin Ashton  ( )

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Melvin & June - Bridlington 1990 !
The Laurels Guest House - Tennison Avenue Bridlington
(June's Late Mum Ivy and her late Partner Ken's Guest House)

Olive Ward (nee Lawton), Violet Ashton (nee Lawton),
June Spawforth (nee Harrison)
Mevin's Auntie Olive, his Mum (Olive's Sister) and 'now Wife' June
Tenyson Avenue Park Garden Bridlington C 1991

Melvin & June - Bridlington 1990 !

Chloe - loves Bridlington and 'Auntie Janette'
at The Richmond Guest House

 Ernie  -  at home
Ernie - a link to ALL his pictures

Chloe - at home in Tarn Court (prior to Bolus Close

Chloe went AWOL on Bank Holiday Monday morning, (27th May, 2019), in Bridlington !
June and I thought that she had visited 'her park' near the Crescent where we stay regularly. After searching everywhere and making frantic phone calls - most places were closed as it was Bank Holiday Monday - I used an emergency number and found out that a kind lady,
Dawn Dotty, thought that Chloe was lost and she ended up in Bridlington Police station where June and I went to collect her at 12:00 noon !
We have thanked Dawn who was visiting Bridlington for the day.

Dawn Dotty holding Chloe on the 'Hook and Parrot' pub steps

The New Bridlington Lifeboat
Arrived Sunday 12th November, 2017
Picture courtesy of Janette Brewer
The Richmond Guest House (new window)

The New Bridlington Lifeboat
Arrived Sunday 12th November, 2017
Picture courtesy of Janette Brewer
The Richmond Guest House (new window)

Bridlington Lifeboats (new)

Website Currently Under Construction (July, 2019)

Yorkshire Belle (second vessel built !)
View information via the Ships Plans

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