Crystal Spray Turner's Boatyard (Horning)
  Blakes Holiday Boating
Photograph courtesy of Blakes Holiday Boating
Date Built
inferred 1969
Turner Bourne 35 ?
folding canopy, centre cockpit with inboard engine
35ft x 10ft 6ins
hull: fibreglass
cabin: wooden

Our holiday on 'Crystal Spray' from Turner's boatyard would be about 1969. It was certainly the second season for the boat and was a great holiday.  We purposely chose a boat with 'sketch picture' rather than photo to be sure of getting a 'relatively new' boat. The above picture could easily be myself, (Mel Ashton), friend Ron Willows and my ex-wife Meg at other side of boat.  Meg was previously in tears at the last minute thought of BOATING - but, when she saw the beautiful 'new' luxury cruiser she quickly learned to love the boat and waterway life. Hence our (now my) continued love of waterways and boating.
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I had previously had a holiday with pals on a 'flat afloat' at Wayford Bridge - there was a six-seat 'speedboat' included in the hire - first year (rowing boat following years !).   We were 'too late' to book a conventional boat but my mother wrote to Mr Hagenbeck and he came up with the offer of a 'flat afloat'.

The 'flat afloat' business was started by the daughter of a previous employer of my mother (1930's) a Mr Hagenbech or similar who was previously a solicitor but now ran a boatyard & boat building business at Wroxham (he kindly showed us around - and brought us a crate of beer - much appreciated by 20 year olds !).
Mr Hagenbech ? was also the current chairman of Blakes Holidays (I seem to remember).

Sorry about the 'seem to remembers' - its the age thingy - now 66 (April, 2007) - and the holidays were in 1961 and about 1969 !

More info if / when my memory improves - I did keep our boat log for many years but think it got discarded with many other 'precious memories' following my divorce in 1989.

P.S. - I've now found a picture !!  (27th April, 2007)
I (Mel Ashton) must have taken the picture - that's my ex wife Meg, her mother Monica Cowan and her mothers partner, (and my long time friend), the late Ron Willows - 'at the helm'.

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