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At last !!!  I've put together some information and pictures relating to the:

'Ashton' (Fathers) & 'Lawton' (Mothers) families

I remember starting to jot down some information during a meal one Christmas in the 1960's at Mum & Dad's - when I was informed that I 'knew nothing' of family members.
The sheet(s) of paper having been long gone, I must rely on other information from myself, relatives & friends.  Unfortunately, the main sources of information have also gone:
Dad (Herbert Ashton) on 13th May, 1986 at 84 years of age;
Mum (Violet Ashton - nee Lawton) - on 15th July, 1994 at 93 years of age;
Auntie Olive (Ward - nee Lawton) - on 23rd December, 2006 at 99 years of age !

Please inform me of any errors or additions / deletions that you may require.
Any pictures would also be welcome - please scan & email them to me.

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Melvin Ashton   5th April, 2007
Last Update 8th March, 2020 - STILL more to complete !

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