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Melvin Ashton  BA (1st Class Hons), C.Eng., MIEE, FIEETE

Personal Information:

D.O.B. 30th August, 1940  (78 Years of Age on 30th August, 2018)

Divorced in 1990 - hence early retirement from teaching due to ill health

With present partner June Spawforth (widowed in 1988) for over 24 years
Married to June (now Ashton)
on 30th August, 2014 - my 74th birthday !
Visit for wedding information, pictures & music

11 Bolus Close, Outwood, WAKEFIELD  WF1 3DJ
Tel: (01924)  834 464    (07740)  282 567

Full Time Education:                 Close any new windows to return to this page

1945 -1951  Newton Hill Junior & Infants School (Nr Wakefield)
1951 -1953  Stanley Secondary Modern School (Nr Wakefield)
1953 -1955  Wakefield Secondary Technical School

1955  RSA Stage 1 English Language - this was the ONLY qualification received at school !

left school at 14 years of age and ALL the following were obtained by part time studies !


BA (1st Class Hons), C. Eng, MIEE, FIEETE

1957  City & Guilds Intermediate Radio Servicing Certificate
1958  'Murphy Radio Company' Television Servicing Certificate
1958  City & Guilds Final Radio Servicing Certificate
1960  City & Guilds Television Servicing Certificate (no colour TV then !!)
1963  GCE 'O Level' English Language (required for IEE)
1964  GCE 'O Level' Physics (required for IEE)
1964  ONC - Electrical Engineering - Distinctions in all subjects
1965  ONC Endorsement - Physics II
1966  ONC Endorsement - Applied Mechanics
1966  HNC Electronics
(Distinctions in Maths V,  Electronic Engineering and Communication Engineering)
Above included a college prize, an IEE award and the 'Mullard Goldup Award'
1967  HNC Endorsement - Electronic Measurements
1967  City & Guilds Colour TV Certificate (1st year of colour TV)
Various Colour TV, Digital TV, Satellite TV & Electronics Up-Dates
1975  BA Degree - Open University
1979  BA Degree (1st Class Honours) - Open University
(OU  courses included  Mathematics, Electronics, Computing, Instrumentation, etc.)

1999  City & Guilds IT Work levels 1 & 2
2000  Telematics
2002  Telematics 2

Further Information (more available if required)

My initial Apprenticeship and Management was in radio, television and electronics from 15 years of age for some 8 years - with Alwyn Isherwood Ltd (Wakefield) - this included a period where I was responsible for the operation of a television crt reconditioning facility in Barnsley.

I retired in 1990, at 50 years of age, as a result of ill health following my divorce after 25 years of marriage.  My position at the time was senior lecturer and course tutor (Radio, Television, Electronics & Computing) at Kitson College of Technology (now Leeds City College).

This was following some 34 years of teaching and industrial experience (including 9 years as a part time tutor in electronics and computing for the Open University).
I was also a City & Guilds / RTEEB Examiner for over 20 years.

I then ran a 'Narrowboat Charter' Business, (Narrowboats 'Oxford Blue' and 'Baby Blue'), at Stanley Ferry near Wakefield for some 5 years.

Present Web Work  (Now RETIRED but only just learning !)
I have found, mainly from feedback from the Blue Water Marina website, that people browsing for INFORMATION – e.g. boats for sale, prices, pictures, etc. – prefer SIMPLE, FAST DOWNLOADING, EASILY NAVIGATED web structures.
I usually avoid frames and often provide thumbnail pictures, enlarged by clicking only when required.
Clicking on pictures usually returns to the last page unless a mouse hover prompt indicates otherwise.  This facility saves scrolling for navigation text or buttons.

As webmaster for Blue Water Marina - Thorne near Doncaster - I was responsible for setting up WIFI facilities for boaters using a BT business hub.  This facility allowed local and visiting boaters access to the internet for email & web browsing requirements.

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