Fuel Intake (Main):

Pedigree (Small Dog) 150g sachet - main food intake
Fuel Intake (Treat): Cesar    (small tins) - treat
Fuel Intake (Qty): About 1/3 packet of Pedigree with a Small amount of Cesar
Fuel Intake (Times): Twice Daily (MAX)
Fuel Intake (Other):
Potatoes / Vegetables / small quantity meat
(mixed with or replacing above)
Request BOTH paws before giving treats !
Fuel Intake (Liquid): Water mainly
Fuel Intake (Liquid):
VERY SMALL quantity of milk (table spoon)
(often REQUESTED when making tea / coffee)
Exhaust Systems 1: Command "Pee Wee" - several times daily - seldom at night
Exhaust Systems 2: Command  "Bizzy"      -  several times daily - seldom at night
System Failure 1: Trembling; not taking in fuel - no food for day - should recover
System Failure 2: Trembling; when disliking something - eg cleaning, vacuuming
(Dad Melvin is not keen on these tasks either !)
Further Comments:



Sleeping - dog cushion, rug, blanket etc.
Will bark when wanting fuel or to perform exhaust function
Require lots of love , kissing, belly tickling (request roll over)
Will inform when attention is NOT required !
Not to be allowed near other dogs - may attack them !

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