RIP Anthony (Tony) 3rd May, 1929 - 15th January, 2013

Funeral Thursday 24th January, 2013
St Austin's Roman Catholic Church  12:00 noon

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I have been with Tony now for nearly 18 years and we have been very happy.

We met at Outwood Working Mens Club as I was eating 'pork puffs'.

Tony was sat on the next table with a friend of mine,
(Dot Crabtree), and offering them a 'pork puff' started our relationship !

We dated a time or two and love blossomed from there.

Tony loved his family and all of mine too;

he treated them all as if they were his own - including my grandchildren.

My family all love Tony and we have all welcomed him into our family.

He came with me to bingo at our local clubs where he made many friends who have kept in touch over the years.

He also loved Crown Green Bowling and, again, made a lot of good friends.

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