RIP Anthony (Tony) 3rd May, 1929 - 15th January, 2013

Funeral Thursday 24th January, 2013
St Austin's Roman Catholic Church  12:00 noon

Comments Received following Tony's funeral

Sunday, 27th May, 2013
From Belinda Joyce-Ludlow [Tony's daughter]
Hi Mel, Hope you are your family are well. You have certainly spent and lot of time and hard work on the website and its lovely to see all the pictures. However, my brother, sisters and family have found it really upsetting to see the pictures of Dad in his last few weeks of life. AS these don’t represent the man we all knew and loved so dearly, I would be grateful if you could have them removed; the ones I have found are - Julie & Tony Xmas 2012, Tony & Dave with June’s trike, Megan, Tony & Amy Xmas 2012 – but if you spot any others could you remove those too .  Many thanks, Belinda.

Belinda, family and to anyone viewing my 'Tribute to Tony' ......
The pictures in question have been moved and the link to them warns web viewers that they MAY be distressing.  They do however, show that Tony never gave up and REQUESTED to attend recent family functions.   Hope this 'picture move' helps.  Mel

Saturday, 26th May, 2013
From Kenneth & Betty Grace [MC & Organist for Outwood Supertroupers]
Many thanks Mel for the lovely tribute you sent us of Tony’s life. It must have took some painstaking hours for you to put it on the comp. We often get Joe’s emails that are originally sent by you. I phoned Doreen today as I had let Geoff Stephenson – another supertrouper who is holidaying in Spain know about Tony passing away and he phoned me for me to pass his condolences on to Doreen.
As you say it was really nice seeing you again although we wish it would have been in better circumstances. You look after yourself and June and all the best to you both.
Kind regards Betty and Ken

Friday 25th May, 2013
From Graham Thirkill  [Tony's VERY long time friend - now living in Ravenscar]
Thanks for helping us have a good time and making us welcome.
Maybe now you may be able to see why Tony and me got on so well.
Thank all who you bump into, or if you do a piece on your web-site send them all our sincere thanks for the welcome and best wishes.
Thanks very much Mel,  Graham & Jean Thirkill

Graham & Jean - it was good of you to travel so far and shows your love for your old pal Tony.
Also good to meet 'face to face' rather than emails & Skype !    Mel Ashton [Doreen's brother]
See   Thirkers Leeds  for Leeds United & Postcard Info

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