Dear Boss;
When I arrived at the building, I found that the storm had blown some bricks off the top,
so I rigged up a beam, with a pulley at the top of the building and hoisted up a couple of
barrels of bricks.
When I had finished repairs to the building, there were some bricks left over, so I hoisted
up the empty barrel, secured the line at the bottom, went back up and filled the empty
barrel with bricks,  I then went to the bottom and cast off the line.
Unfortunately, the barrel was heavier than I was and before I knew what was happening, 
the barrel started down and jerked me off the ground.
I know it sounds silly now, but for some reason I decided to hang on ...
Half way up, I met the barrel of bricks coming down and received a severe blow to the
shoulder, I then continued to the top, banged my head on the beam and got my fingers
jammed in the pulley.
When the barrel hit the ground, it burst it's bottom and spilled out all the bricks, I was
now heavier than the empty barrel and it started back up at high speed, I of course
started down at the same speed.
When I was half way down, I met the barrel coming up and received another severe blow,
this time to both my shins.
When I hit the ground, I landed on the bricks and got several cuts and bruises from the
sharp edges.
At this point I must have lost my balance of mind because I let go of the rope...
The barrel started back down, giving me a heavy blow on the head and I woke up to find
myself in hospital.
I therefore request two weeks sick leave.
Yours Sincerely,