UTSKY AT DEASE LAKE......This thing is a monster air machine!
These are photographs of the world's largest helicopter which happened to be on the tarmac in Dease Lake, B.C. recently. It is to be used for taking mining equipment and cargo out to a new mine called Galore Creek.

It is owned by a Russian company. It is called the Utsky.
The chopper couldn't land at the air strip at Bob Quinn Lake because it wasn't a paved area so it had to land in Dease Lake until the landing site north of Bob Quinn could be inspected.

Apparently this chopper's wash will pick up and fling rocks, up to 12 inches in diameter, around like leaves.

Some stats:
- Russian crew of 6, 2 Pilots, 1 Navigator, 2 Engineers (mechanics) &1 cargo person
- a semi-trailer will fit in it.
- carries 75 troops
- uses 2000 litres of fuel per hour
- 580 km range
- costs $30,000/hr to rent
- 40 metres long
- 8 blades about 2 feet wide

Probably bigger than ANYTHING seen at the Dease Lake airport, including the terminal building.
I knew the Russian built 'Sky Crane' was big which is being used for lifting lumber out of inaccessible mountain areas, but this makes a 'Sky Crane' look like a mosquito by comparison.

FYI: Dease Lake is in NW British Columbia, west of Fort Nelson and east of Juneau, Alaska

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