Here it is, your own personal ROUND TOIT.

At long last you now have it, and there are enough for everyone, so you can all have your very own.

Please cut it out and save it. Put it in a safe place, and try not to loose it. Better still, even keep a few spares handy.

I am told that people have been so busy that they have never been able to get a round toit. Now, that's in the past, everyone now has their own round toit, and if you know of anyone who doesn't, please give him or her one.

You've now got your 'round toit' - ask Sam to 'play it again' ?

    Keep a good supply on hand.  I believe that great things are in store for us.   Mel

These TOIT'S have been very hard to come by, especially the round ones. Now, by special arrangement for Melvin Ashton, you can have your very own.

Now that these round TOIT'S are available, most of our problems about attendance, starting functions on time, and getting things done will be solved.

I believe as we pass these TOIT'S around, our attendance at functions will double, because everyone will have their own TOIT.

Many have said to me, "I will get started, just as soon as I get a round toit."
Others have said , "I will begin, when I get a round toit."
"I hear constantly from those who will get involved as soon as they get a round toit."

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