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Melvin Ashton (Outwood WMC)
or Tel: 01924834464  home
07740282567  mobile
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president@outwoodwmc.co.uk To President (Nigel Wainwright):
A 'Team' Secure 123-Reg Mailbox
vicepresident@outwoodwmc.co.uk To Vicepresident (Ian Smith):
A 'Team' Secure 123-Reg Mailbox
secretary@outwoodwmc.co.uk Secretary (Richard):
A 'Team' Secure 123-Reg Mailbox
treasurer@outwoodwmc.co.uk Treasurer (Philip Dobson):
A 'Team' Secure 123-Reg Mailbox
committee@outwoodwmc.co.uk Group Email Address
10 Contacts (March, 2018)
team@outwoodwmc.co.uk Team Email Address
16 Contacts (March, 2018)
steward@outwoodwmc.co.uk Steward (Paul Greaves):
A 'Team' Secure 123-Reg Mailbox
stewardess@outwoodwmc.co.uk Stewardess (Karen Greaves):
To Steward (as above)
webmaster@outwoodwmc.co.uk PROVISIONAL Webmaster
Melvin (Mel) Ashton):
A 'Team' Secure 123-Reg Mailbox
committee@outwoodwmc.co.uk A 'Team' Secure 123-Reg Mailbox
iansmith@outwoodwmc.co.uk Ian Smith:
A 'Personal' Secure 123-Reg Mailbox
mail@outwoodwmc.co.uk for Webmaster and general use:
(A Secure 123-reg Mailbox)
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firstname.surname@outwoodwmc.co.uk Alias email address forwards to:
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Telephone: (01924) 824 156

Website: http://www.outwoodwmc.co.uk (You are currently connected !)








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