Outwood  Working  Mens  Club
62 Ledger Lane,  Outwood,  Wakefield,  WF1 2NS
Tel: (01924) 824 156

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(Try www.supertroupers.co.uk - new window -  Mel Ashton 12th February, 2003)
I was so delighted to meet Ken Grace and his team last week and talk to him about the excellent entertainment the group has given to many audiences over the last 20 years. This Outwood group has an average age of more than 70, and performs at fundraising functions all over the district, at celebration evenings, in hospitals and is popular wherever the older generation gathers. Its most recent performance was at Lee Moor Club, where local resident Nancy Easter celebrated her 80th birthday. The groupís performance ranges from the musicals of the 30s and 40s through wartime Britain to modern day, always dressed in the appropriate costumes and often with a funny routine. It was a privilege to watch them rehearse and I have to say, if given the opportunity, I would have been up there with them doing my impression of someone who has the tone of a seal and two left feet. The group relies on donations and fundraising to buy costumes, and only charges a nominal fee for the cost of travel. If you havenít seen the group then I can highly recommend it. If you want to book the group then just give Ken a call on 01924 259194.
Extract From:  'Wakefield Today' (new window) 01/11/02
(Features - Community Roundup - Maureen Cummings)

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by   Mel Ashton

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