Outwood  Working  Mens  Club
62 Ledger Lane,  Outwood,  Wakefield,  WF1 2NS
Tel: (01924) 824 156

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WIFI facilities:

Our FREE Wifi facility is available for use by:


'signed in' Affiliate Members and;

'signed in' Guests.

Please use the facility responsibly or you may be blocked from future use of the WiFi facility.  By order of The Committee

If you are viewing this page in Outwood WMC you may well have already connected to our Wifi facility.  If you are viewing it elsewhere, you will need to keep a note of the 'exact' password provided on submitting this form - though it is also available behind the bar.
Please note that a record of your application(s) may be kept for 'evaluation' purposes by The Committee. The record(s) WILL NOT be disclosed elsewhere or passed on to other parties.
Please help others to complete THIS form ?
The Committee suggest that the lounge may be a convenient area for setup and use of the clubs WiFi facility.......
PLEASE do not use the facilities when Bingo is in progress, Artistes are on stage, tap room games or quizzes are in progress, and ALWAYS show respect for others close to you.

Further Information and WiFi Possibilities

Please complete and Submit the following form details,

 The current WiFi Password will then be provided for you

Application for the WiFi Password

Essential Information:


Date of Application for WiFi Access: 2017

Please Select ONE ONLY

     I am a Current Member of Outwood Working Men's Club

     I am a 'Signed In' C.I.U. Affiliate Member  (new window for C.I.U. Information)

     I am a 'Signed In' Guest

Please select devices that you wish to use on this and possible future occasions

PC      Tablet   iPad   Mobile Phone iPhone  Other - Specify in Comments


Post Code

Optional Comments and / or Requests for Further Information:

Please Press Submit Button ONCE and WAIT for Password & Information


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