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During the war holidays were practically impossible for various reasons, the nearest I got to a holiday was a day at Cannon Hall Park, Cawthorne, which was a big treat and another story.

Not long after the war was over and the lucky ones, such as myself, had their dad back home, an annual event started to take place, and this was “The Club Trip”.

Working Mens’ Clubs were just that, only men were allowed to be full members, a state of affairs which continues to this very day ( as far as I am aware).   [oh no it doesn't - Mel's comment]

The club trip was a day at the seaside, which was funded by the particular club of which your dad was a member, and it was the “highlight” of the school Summer holidays. Only the children of fully paid up members were allowed to go on this wonderful outing to the seaside, and it was open to all children under the age of fifteen, bearing in mind that in those days the age for starting work was fifteen.

I suppose “The Committee” of the WMC would decide the destination each year, this could be Blackpool, Scarborough or Cleethorpes, the latter being the favourite as it is the nearest seaside resort to Barnsley. As a point of interest it isn’t the seaside, as such, it is the estuary of the river Humber, but to children, what did it matter? The point was, a full day out and not only that, Glory Be, crisps and pop were provided FREE of charge, to be eaten and drunk in copious amounts as we bowled along in what I must say were rather rickety buses. I must not forget to mention that each child was given 2/6d pocket money too, life was good.

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by   Mel Ashton

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