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View if over 18 and not offended by Bernard Manning's Material

Like Marmite - 'Love or Hate' but ......

Thursday, 8 Mar 2007  Bernard Manning & Full Supporting Show:
If you didn't make it, you missed a cracking night !!
Mel Ashton
  March, 2007

Bernard died on Monday 18th June, 2007 some 10 weeks after this event at:
 The Cheers (Outwood)
So this MAY have been his last public appearance ?

Try: Bernard from 'Beyond The Grave' a YouTube move - more available at the end !

Keep your sound high and use 'View' ('Full Screen').
quickly read the text, scroll down when the movie starts and open the movie 'full screen box'.

Mel Ashton  May, 2011

P.S. lots more at ends of 'EACH' movie - some long shows, e.g. 'Jimmy Jones' (1hr 6 minutes !)