Outwood Computer Club

7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Wednesday Evenings, in Outwood Memorial Hall
Victoria Street, Outwood, Wakefield WF1 2NE

We suggest that you use the Learn My Way, (new window), modules for initial computer exercises
[or as refresher courses]        'Tutor Info' , (new window).

'Learn My Way' modules replace previous 'My Guide' and 'GoON' modules...
New for 2014 are 'using touch screen devices',  'creating documents' and more .......

New Information - aimed at Senior Starters - but useful to All  (via James Smith)

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Outwood Memorial Hall - Every Wednesday - 7.30pm

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Some Possible Computer Club Topics (Alphabetical Order)
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A link to Learn My Way  - replaces 'My Guide' and 'GoON'
computer information & exercises
Adobe - Adobe CS5.5
Advertising - Mainly local adverts
Advertising - Local Adverts (blatant advertising - out of date)
Antivirus - WIFI & Bluetooth - from Genevieve Carter (Tutors in Delaware)
Banking - Internet Banking
BT Information - Index  All BT Information
Computer Sillies - try some of these when you get bored ?
Computer Prompts - one you'll understand ? (this window)
Computer Systems - MAC / PC / Operating Systems etc.
Digital Photography - cameras, video cameras, saving to disc, photo albums...
Digital Photography - use of Adobe & similar programs
eBay (Wikipedia)     eBay shopping sales / purchases      PayPal (description & link)
Email & Webmail, Windows Mail Demo Movie (via HP Help and Support)
Email Read Receipts & Other Mail Notes - Single or ALL receipt requests.
Email Signatures & AutoResponders      Setup MovieS
Email Client - use Thunderbird with Firefox Web Browser ?
Exercises - Email; Printing; Searches; Work Groups etc.
Signatures & Auto Responses - Mels
Facebook, MySpace, Twitter (tweet) and similar websites.
Family Tree:  [ wakefieldfhs | genealogyjunction | whoareyou.org.uk ]
Family Tree:  [Genes Reunited | Friends Reunited | Find My Past | RootsWeb]
Family Tree: Mel's Family Tree - a different approach to 'family tree structure'
Favicons - 'Favourites Icons' - Mel's Favicons
Fax - use of computer as a Fax, (facsimile), machine
Games - PlayStation, etc.
Games - Vanishing Leprechauns - including 'print' (4 copies) & 'back of page'
Get around to it ! - Help is available here if you haven't got around to it!
Hardware, Software, Firmware
Help - with computer hardware, software or other topics.
Hotmail - free email address from MSN.
Input Devices - Keyboard, Mouse, Tablet, Scanners, Microphones,
Web Cameras, etc
Internet (World Wide Web)
MSN -  free Hotmail email address.  News, Sport, Music, Movies, Cars,
New Computer Setup    Set up Windows Live Mail & Skype ..........
................  [Live Mail - Import WLMContacts.csv from Images folder & update as desired]
Output Devices - Monitors, TV's, Projectors, Printers, etc
PayPal (description & link) - see eBay (above)
Phones - Mobile Telephones, Smart Phones, Blackberry, etc.
Phones - Nokia Security Code Unlock Factory Code 12345 ?
Photoshop - Tutorials by Jennifer
Picture Editing - Some pictures available for editing practice
Postal Stamps  print your own personal postal stamps - many options
Printers | Align Cartridges | Clean Printer Heads | Print a test page | WIFI |
Printing supplies (HP)  Snapfish
Printing (double sided) | OCC Cards | Two Faced Cards | Leprechauns  Print 4 |
Remember that Michael, Tony & Melvin are ALWAYS watching you !
Remote Computer Access  LogMeIn  Rescue  GoToMyPC  Windows
Restoring your Computer - to an earlier point or to original, (factory), condition
Satellite Navigation  TomTom
Search Engines - Google, Yahoo, etc.  Advanced Searches 
Windows Explorer (local)
Security - McAfee  Norton   Mel's security problem 12/10/10
Serif - Web Design, Photo Editing & DTP
Shopping - on line 
Skype & similar programs  Microphone & Webcam Setup  (internal & external)
Software & Software release versions
Spreadsheets - including Outwood Computer Club Spreadsheets
Tutorials  Windows 7, MAC Tutorials, and more ...
Uninstall or Modify a Program
Vehicle Registration MOT Test / History / Text Reminders (1.50 inc vat)
Web Browsers Internet Explorer - Firefox [with Thunderbird Email Client?]
Web Design, HTML, Web Hosting (webspace), Uploading (FTP), etc.
Web Registration - Nominet UK - WWWConsortium - W3C/getting started
Web Design,  The Site Wizard
WIFI (Wireless Internet)  Connecting (Windows XP)  BT   BT Hub
WIFI (Wireless Internet) Connection Problems Tutorial
Windows 7 - Microsoft Information  Windows 7 Tutorials
Windows - Tabs Popups etc.
Windowslive - free email addresses, News, Sport, Music, Movies, Cars,etc.
Word Processors
World Wide Web - W3C - Operating Systems - Web Browsers etc.
YouTube - Join the largest worldwide video-sharing community ?
YouTube - Unauthorized uploading of O.V.Club Movies (this window)
Please inform Mike, Tony or Mel of other topics / requirements / ideas
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