Mel's Boats - Information & Pictures

Castaway Wide Beam Boat 2002 to 2009
Rachel Louise Trad Stern Narrowboat 2000 to 2002
Water Orchid Trad Stern Narrowboat 1998 to 2000
Baby Blue Trad Stern Narrowboat 1994 to 1996
Oxford Blue Cruiser Stern Narrowboat 1993 to 1997
Mahala Cruiser Stern Narrowboat 1981 to 1993
Lady Sara GRP  Cruiser 1978 to 1981
Non-Sequitur Sailing Boat

1960's to 1972

West Riding Sailing Club  where Mel Sailed 'Non Sequitur'


Narrowboat Charter

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Other Boating Memories - Information & Pictures

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Crystal Spray Norfolk Broads Holiday Info Memories of early boating
Dora Dutch Barge Temporary listing
Dragonfly   Temporary listing
Elsa-B Sagar Dutch Barge  Web A friends boat - SOLD
Fantasia GRP  Cruiser A friends boat - SOLD
Gill Thorn Trad Stern Narrowboat A friends boat - SOLD
Johanna Dutch Barge for sale Temporary listing
Moon-Six. Wide Beam Boat A relatives boat - SOLD
Vrowe Martje Dutch Barge Temporary listing