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Connecting to Mel's Bolus Close Wireless Router

Unauthorised users will be permanently disconnected.

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Connect to:   "Bolus Close' Wireless Network

Current Password:     Obtain from Mel - case sensitive - 14 characters including 2 spaces
Your computer should 'remember' the password - if the connection fails, contact Mel
for a new password.

Possible connection problems:
If your computer appears to connect to the wireless network but web access cannot be established, contact Mel

Further Notes:
In order to aid security, anyone intending to use the wireless internet connection should notify Mel of their requirements and computer name.  Ideally, it would be appreciated if the computer name is set to a relevant name - see 'Conditions'.
This can be achieved via:
Start / Control Panel / System / Computer Name (tab) - enter desired name,
then Restart Computer.