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It MAY be possible to connect to a local broadband internet service by means of a wireless connection.

A 'BT Hub' wireless modem / router MAY be installed by Mel Ashton.

The range is likely to be very short - say to close neighbours - and every pc to be connected will require wireless interface hardware and software.

Most modern computers have this facility 'built in' , others will require a plug-in adapter.

For WIFI access, the maximum number of connections may be limited to about 8. Each will be given access information and security password, on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Alternatively, if the wireless signal is adequate, a Bt Openzone - connection MAY be available from 5:99 including VAT for 90 minutes

Anyone requiring a connection should apply using the email link on the 'conditions of use' - after reading the 'conditions'.

These notes are available via Melvin Ashton's 'Internet', link in the navigation bars.

Further Notes:
In order to aid security, anyone intending to use the wireless internet connection should notify Mel of their requirements and computer name.  Ideally, it would be appreciated if the computer name is set to a relevant name - see 'Conditions of Use' (a direct application can be made from the 'conditions of use' page).
This can be achieved via:
Start / Control Panel / System / Computer Name (tab) - enter desired name,
then Restart Computer.