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I understand that the initial connection period will be free of charge and that, should I decide to continue with the email and connection facilities.

I also understand that I can cancel this connection at any time.

The access provides unlimited use (subject to the following fair use policy).

Fair Use Policy:

Anyone who make excessive use of the service may be asked to reduce their use.

If usage continues to be excessive, Melvin may block access to such users.

Melvin Ashton reserves the right to vary this policy, but will notify current users if he does.

Username and password are transferable only by request.

Email Here for a connection facility and Email Account.  Please do not modify the 'subject' which indicates that you have read these conditions of use.
Please give your computer name which may be used to monitor access.
 BT customer.  Should it already be in use, an alternative email address must be set up.

In order to aid security, anyone intending to use the wireless internet connection should notify Mel of their requirements and computer name.  Ideally, it would be appreciated if the computer name is set to a relevant name.
This can be achieved via:
Start / Control Panel / System / Computer Name (tab) - enter a relevant name, then Restart Computer.