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Ex Rubbermaid Employees

Hi Mel,
Rubbermaid - the first product the guy made was a rubber dust pan and that's where the name comes from.
I  worked with Volkmar (quality control) and Mankin worked for me in new products. He left just before me and Volkmar shortly after me.
I talked to Mankin via Skype about a month ago and he has accepted a position as Director of Quality Control-Power Tool Division for Hong Kong /China for Techtronics Industries Company Ltd, he will  start after the Chinese new year when his present contract runs out. One of the companies they own is Vax vacuum cleaners, you probably know of them.
 Mankin and Volkmar are really nice guys. 
Mankin was in Toronto last year on business and Volkmar, Mankin, Nick  (Rubbermaid's industrial chemist who had just been laid off) and I had lunch. It was really good seeing them after 30 years. I will send some pics. - see below (Mel)
You can check out his new company at :-

Volkmar is very athletic, used to run marathons. Some mornings he would run to work about 22 miles, have a shower, do his days work then get a ride home with another guy who lived nearby. He still does a half marathon once a month, not bad for a 70 year old!

Take care,

Below are some pics at our luncheon in May, 2009, in Agincourt, east of Toronto. Although it was referred to as Aisancourt when we live in Toronto. I'm sure you can figure out why!


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L-R Volkmar, Nick, Mankin

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Ernie, Volkmar,  Nick

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Ernie eating a chickens foot!

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Shipping, receiving and plastics plant


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