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Please Scroll Down and take a look at some pictures from Cuba  ..........

Pre - Hurricane Ike Pictures - Scroll Down for comments & post Hurricane Ike picture

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Andy,Diaime,Obidio,Diaime's son, Diamella, Andy's son and Ophellia.

Ophellia cooks up a fine lobster, shrimp and fish dinner  for us when we are there  (Ernie).


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Beach in front Carlos's and Ophellia's house. Guadalavaca

As you can see there is nothing to stop a hurricane.
I don't think there will be anything left  of their house, being so close to the sea  (Ernie)


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Ophelia & Diamello greeting us, Cuba 2008


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At Opheilia's for dinner


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Pam & Diamella


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Pam,Opheila & daughters, Diaime & Diamella


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Ophelia, Diame & Diamella waving good bye

Please Scroll Up and take a look at some pictures from Cuba  ..........

Ernie - WOW - what a shame about Cuba - it could have happened while you were there !
I hope your friends are OK - according to the website NOBODY was injured but power and communications are down.
You could post a request for information and pass on your respect on  www.amigoclub.ca 
There are currently 20 pages in the left hand 'Shout' panel of the Amigo Club website.
Mel 11th September, 2008
 ( looking a LITTLE better now ?  Mel, 16th October, 2008 )

Here is a link to video of the aftermath of Ike in the Holgin/Guardalavaca area....
as you will see Very ..Very ..Bad! 

Club Amigo:  http://www.youtube.com:80/watch?v=WR1-wQ9M97E  (English peaking)

Other movies on Hurricane Ike via above.

Mel Ashton, Wakefield, Yorkshire, UK  (info & links provided by Ernie Hartley).

Ernie, I sincerely hope your friends are ok - the web information stated 'NOBODY was hurt'.
obviously it is likely that they will be devastated by the effects of the hurricane.

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POST Hurricane Ike Picture  -  Click Here for more (January, 2009)

From http://photoshow.voyagesarabais.com/getshow.asp?ps=13F147D8BF1B

Ernie - Info / Names for this picture ??  (Mel 16/10/08)    Previous Info      Single Picture
The only name that I can give you right now is the woman on the extreme right is Ofelia and Kim says the woman in the green / white striped top is Diaime, Ofelia's daughter Ernie (16/10/08)
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