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Information on Ernie's fall: www.melashton.co.uk/ernie/fall

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(REVERSE chronological order - to be updated when further information is available).

Latest Information 15th May, 2009.

Ernie's email:
Hi Everyone,
Last Monday I went back to St Michael's hospital in Toronto to see the neurosurgeon, Dr Muller for a final check-up. I had a C A T scan done in the morning and saw Dr Muller early afternoon. He showed me the CAT scan of before he operated showing the blood clot and the scan from the morning which was completely clear. Dr Muller told me to 'carry on' as usual but not to exert my self. I must say I was relieved.In physiotherapy I was doing so well that instead of doing six weeks I only did a week and a half. I still do the exercises daily at home.
I now have complete use  in my left side and I am back delivering flowers for Anything Goes Balloons & Bows, our Daughter Samantha's flower shop.

I must give a heartfelt thank you to the nurses who looked after me at Ross Memorial Hospital in Lindsay, Ontario. They were very caring, compassionate and dedicated to all the patients in their care.

Regards to you all,

ABSOLUTELY brilliant news !

I just KNEW that - if you fell on your head - you would be OK !
I will inform all who have been asking in Wakefield, (West Yorkshire, UK).
VERY BEST WISHES - keep in touch,
Mel & June

Ernie's previous email:
Hi Mel,  I am home for 24 hours that is why I sent it to you. We met Denise and her husband Greg in Cuba last January and have kept in touch since. I thought you might like it, I did.
(the JASMINE story -  please see further information - Mel).

The reason I fell was when I go up to bed I wait until Pam is in bed then I turn off the light and as it is an open staircase I count the steps, extend my left arm out to feel for the newel post at the top but I leaned over too far and fell over the side hitting the back of my head on the banister on the lower level knocking myself out. Pam heard the crash and called the ambulance and I was taken to Ross Memorial Hospital in Lindsay where they stitched me up, Olivia keeled over when they gave me an injection and when I tried to stand my left side gave way so they air lifted me to St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto where a team of Neurosurgeons, headed by Dr Paul Meuller cut a flap in my skull and drained the blood that was accumulating in my head. I had a tube, drain and a pressure gauge sticking out of my skull for couple of days which they removed and stitched up. I was in St. Mikes for a week then moved back to Lindsay where I am in a rehabilitation ward doing physiotherapy, most of the patients are recovering from strokes it is scary. All because I didn't put up a handrail!
I hope I can get a pass for next weekend, I will be sure to contact you. I checked with my server and my account isn't full so I don't know why stuff is getting bounced back. Sam and Rob are in Las Vegas for a week so Pam is running the shop.
Keep smiling.

Information 7th April, 2009.

Ernie is progressing well, he is now in rehab in Lindsay Hospital which is their local hospital, he is walking with the aid of a walking frame and doing well.
Best wishes,  Barbara (Scargill)

Information 27th March, 2009.
A Google search for friend Madeline didn't help but there are several pages on a Facebook search.
Since I don't have much information about Madeline I've only tried to contact one of them.
Perhaps Sam can help, (being on
Facebook), possibly with information from Pam.

I have informed Bernard Carr and Keith Crossland (Stanley secondary school but still in touch).
Later I will try to contact Colin Hepworth - I haven't seen or heard from him since 'OUR' cruise on my (previous) boat 'Rachel Louise' on 16th June, 2001.

27/03/09   Mel Ashton (Ernie's UK webmaster)


Second Email - received from Ernie's daughter Sam, (Samantha), Hodgson,
Thursday, 26th March, 2009


Every one. Just a little sad news on my Dad (Ernie Hartley) He is in Hospital in Toronto about
2 hours away from us.  Last Thursday March 19th 2009,  Dad was on his way to bed and he fell down stairs and landed on his head.  He went to our local hospital where he received 29 stitches to the back of his head.  The cat scan showed a bruise to the right side of his brain, he stayed overnight for observation and was flown by air ambulance to Toronto where he was seen by a team of neurosurgeons.  He was bleeding inside his brain and was completely paralyzed on his left side.  They decided to operate to remove the blood clot.  So they cut a hole in his scull and removed the clot. he was in ICU for a couple of days and was then moved to a regular room.  He has been seen by a physiotherapist for the last 3 days.  He is now able to move his arm, wrist and fingers fairly well with a lot of concentration.  The leg and toes are not so good yet but we are hopeful.  He wanted me to let you know.  If you email me back I will take it in to him. 
(Kim and Andy Dad has asked me to ask you to email the doctor in Cuba and let her know I think she is a gynaecologist Madeline Gonzales.) I will stay in touch when I can Hope you are all well.
Sam Hodgson

Sam - I will try to contact Madeline and report back above.  I didn't contact you previously as I knew that you would ALL be very distressed and visiting hospital, etc.
Give my love to your Mum and keep me informed (or Barbara will keep me informed if you prefer).

I trust these 'open' web pages are ok - if you would prefer anything editing or removing, just let me know.  If you would like a comment / link to these pages put on Ernie & Pam's website pages, just let me know.  e.g. is the flower shop 'closed due to accident / illness' or being run by someone else ?

Love to ALL, Mel (Melvin Ashton), Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England.

Initial Email - received from Ernie's sister-in-law, (Barbara Scargill), on Sunday 22nd March, 2009 following a telephone call from her to Melvin Ashton (see notes)

Hi Melvin,

Ernie got up for a drink of water at midnight on Thursday night, (19th March, 2009) and somehow lost his footing and fell down 2 flights of stairs - landing on his head.

Pam heard the crash and found him unconscious in a pool of blood. He was transported to Lindsay General Hospital where he received 29 sutures to his head.

A CAT scan revealed 2 large cerebral bleeds.
They airlifted him to St Michaels Hospital Toronto to the neuro surgeons where he underwent surgery to relieve pressure.

He is currently in intensive care has left sided hemiplegia [paralysis]
They have told Pam it will be a long haul recovery.

Best wishes,  Barbara

Picture of me (Ernie) - Click Here for the latest information on my progress
Ernie Hartley (Bob Caygeon, Canada)

Picture of Mel - Click Here for the latest information on Ernie's progress
Mel Ashton  (Wakefield, Yorkshire - UK)

Notes:  Ernie and I are old school friends and very good friend through our apprenticeships etc.
He was also best man at my marriage to ex-wife Meg in 1964.
I 'knocked together' some web pages for Ernie & Pam and others for Pam's flower shop.

Ernie has also sent scores of 'sillies' for my personal web pages.   For further info see:

www.melashton.co.uk/ernie   (Ernie, Pam & families personal pages)

www.melashton.co.uk/balloonsandbows  (Pam's flower shop)

www.anythinggoesballoonsandbows.info links to Pam's flower shop.

This domain name was registered as a gift from me to Ernie & Pam but    .....
it will not be renewed since it hasn't generated any business for Pam)

Mel Ashton (Ernie's UK webmaster)

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