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(No. 11 Bolus Close, Outwood, Wakefield, WF1 3DJ)

Melvin Ashton's Weddings

My first wife - Megan (Meg) Ashton ...

I married my first wife, Meg Ashton on 1st August, 1964.

We first met at Alwyn Isherwood Ltd. in Barnsley in 1969 where I had been transferred from the Wakefield service department to take charge of the new 'Tube Factory' (Alwyn Isherwood Electronics Ltd. (new window)

Meg and I were married for some 25 years but were divorced in October, 1989 following marital problems.

Sadly, we had no family but treated my sister Doreen Squires's, (now Wilkinson, nee Ashton), children - Julie Hart, (nee squires), Leanda Taylor, (nee Squires), and Nigel Squires as 'our children - it was great taking them on holiday but 'convenient' to return them to their parents on return !
Doreen's family has grown considerably but Meg and I are still in close contact with them all !
Note that all of these family members have 'FaceAche' accounts !

Take a look at my Family Tree (new window) ?

Following my divorce, I met widow June Spawforth, nee Harrison, via my sister Doreen, in Outwood Working Men's Club (new window) ....
June was suffering from depression following the recent loss of her husband in 1988 and I was suffering from depression following my recent divorce and having to take early retirement from my position of senior lecturer at (new window).
Though we started dating in 1990, and lived together in June's house later the same year, June repeatedly refused to accept many of my marriage proposals, (in respect of her late husband), but ....

June finally accepted and we were married on my 74th birthday on 30th August, 2014 after 24 years together !
We moved from Johns Avenue, Lofthouse, to Tarn Court, Outwood in 2006 and finally to our current WDH (new window) bungalow in February 2013 .....

View our wedding information, pictures, and video  here (new window).

Thank you for taking time to read all this history :-)