Theft from Property and Motor Vehicles  [17/12/11]

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Wakefield Police are achieving the burglary reduction rates, however, the Christmas season presents a greater risk of burglary while homes are stocked with presents and other valuables.
Over half of the recently reported burglaries were in homes that were insecure and opportunist thieves had entered through insecure doors or windows.
Sadly the same problem is evident in theft from motor vehicles where again offenders take advantage of victims who leave their vehicles insecure and valuables on display.
Wakefield Police and partners are doing all they can to reduce these crimes and prevent the harm they cause to communities that is made worse at this special time of year. They urge people to take basic precautions to ensure that their property is protected from thieves.
PCSO 292 Wendy Firth
Wakefield North West Neighbourhood Policing Team
Ossett Police Station
DA Division
Team 2
Ossett Police Station
Tel: 01924 293743
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