Tax Refund Warning (Phishing)

Copy of email received Thursday 28th October, 2010

Dear Co-ordinators

After the information I sent out on Tuesday 26th November about the tax return form I have been informed by Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators about other ways people have tried to obtain bank details etc.

A Neighbourhood Watch member received a call from man asking if she was happy with her bank and asked who she banked with. A few days later the same man rang back informing the customer that he worked for the Yorkshire Bank, telling her that she owed money and wanted details of her account.  The Yorkshire Bank was contacted and they informed their customer that if she owed money they would send a letter stating what the problem was and not contact her by phone.

The next Neighbourhood Watch member received a call and she was informed that the WMBC owed her money. This was checked out,  found to be incorrect and no bank details were provided.

The next telephone call to a Neighbourhood Watch member came from a gentleman saying he worked for the Telephone Preference Service asking for a  payment of 19 and again no bank details were disclosed.

Please inform your scheme members of the above information and advise them to be vigilant when taking calls of this nature.

Wakefield North West Neighbourhood Policing Team
Tel no: 01924 294 671

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