Underage Drinking

Copy of email received Thursday 7th May, 2009

Under Age Drinking Tackled in Wakefield

Thursday, 7 May, 2009

Police in Wakefield are continuing to tackle the issue of under age drinking head on.

Wakefield Central Neighbourhood Policing Team has joined forces with licensees, the Primary Care Trust and Wakefield Council to prevent youngsters drinking illegally, putting themselves at risk and causing disorder.

The initiative began on Bank Holiday Monday 4th May 2009 and saw more than 300 people have their ages checked and verified. Five underage revellers, one female and four males all aged 17, were identified, their parents were made aware and they were taken away from the city centre.

Any visitor who appeared underage and did not have suitable identification had to attend a police display vehicle where their identification was verified. They were then issued with an ink stamp on their forehand which allowed them easy access to the nightlife. The stamp and colours are determined on the night to avoid any ‘counterfeit stamping’.

Other results on Monday 4th May included :-

• 32 taxis stopped and checked by Wakefield Metropolitan District Council (WMDC) Licensing
   Officers – seven offences were noted and WMDC vehicle rectification notices issued.

• 1 person was arrested for being drunk & disorderly, charged and bailed to appear before court.

• 25 premises were visited by the Police and WMDC Licensing Officers. One licensed venue had one underage drinker present.

• There was also one direction to leave a city issued, one stop search for drugs and 13 general stops conducted.

Inspector Richard Close of Wakefield Central Neighbourhood Policing Team said: "The operation was a great success. We checked the identities of 303 people during the evening, issuing stamps to those who had a passport or some other form of ID."

"The evening was considerably quieter than other Monday nights, with some premises shutting up early. There was only one arrest made for someone who was drunk and disorderly. Five youths, who were underage and carrying fake ID, were prevented from drinking and their parents called at home. They were also banned from the city for six hours."

"Wakefield Central NPT will continue with the initiative stamping out underage drinking. We are acting on feedback and will take on board comments made as the initiative progresses. The bottom line is that underage drinking is irresponsible and could land youngsters in situations which make them more vulnerable to crime. It is our duty to protect them and part of this is to ensure they cannot enter and drink in the city’s pubs and clubs. Age limits are in place for a very good reason and we will not tolerate people under the age of eighteen drinking alcohol in our nightspots.”

Wakefield North West Neighbourhood Policing Team
Tel no: 01924 294 671  karen.vezina@westyorkshire.pnn.police.uk

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