Underage Drinking

Copy of email received Monday 28th April, 2009

Bid To Stamp Out Underage Drinking in Wakefield

Tuesday April 28, 2009

Police in Wakefield are continuing to make their mark on underage drinkers.

Wakefield Central Neighbourhood Policing Team has joined forces with licensees, the Primary Care Trust and Wakefield Council to prevent youngsters drinking illegally, putting themselves at risk and causing disorder.

From next week, any visitor who appears underage and does not have suitable identification will attend a police display vehicle where their identifications will be verified. Only then will they be issued with an ink stamp to the forehand which will allow them easy access to the nightlife.
The stamp and colours will be determined on the night to avoid any ‘counterfeit stamping’

Underage revellers will remain with the Police who will contact their parents and ask them to attend. Follow up visits and letters will be conducted at a later stage by Anti-Social Behaviour Officers.

Schools officers will be making a presentation about the initiative in schools and will be on hand to act as spotters for the evening.

Inspector Richard Close said: “The issues of youths drinking in the city pubs will be stopped. I however have to emphasise to licensees that they have a key role to play in preventing underage drinking and they must jump on board this initiative.

“My team will be out on the streets enforcing the ‘stamping’. They will also be looking at those premises that flout the initiative and allow anyone easy access.

“It became apparent that many underage drinkers were using fake identification and managing to enter venues in the city. The only identification suitable is a passport, any other ID will be challenged and checked out. One youth in recent weeks was arrested for possessing a fake licence.

“My message is clear and simple, anyone under 18 should not visit the city because they will be going home and if they do get into a pub or club, it highly likely they will be escorted out.”

West Yorkshire Police Website     More Information on underage drinking    (7th May, 2009)

Wakefield North West Neighbourhood Policing Team
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