Received by Email 20th October, 2010

Nip shed thefts in the bud

Friday 15th October 2010

Police in Wakefield are urging householders to secure their sheds and garages after a recent spate of thefts.

Detective Sergeant Sue Buxton of Wakefield District Police said: "Many people store valuable property like fishing tackle and lawnmowers in a shed or garage which is either left insecure or is in such a poor state of repair that it doesn't provide a barrier to a would-be thief.

"These sorts of things are not cheap. They are also very saleable items for thieves. Don't make it easy to steal them and remember that tools stolen from your shed could be used to burgle your house."

DS Buxton particularly urged residents to check shed and garage hinges. "There have been several reports recently of hinge doors being unscrewed and thieves gaining access into property this way." she said.

During the past four weeks:-

The Wakefield and Normanton areas have suffered 41 shed/garage break-ins.  Of these 7 offences were committed by unscrewing hinges. Most commonly doors were forced and padlocks cut. Of the 41 offences, one quarter (10) had fishing equipment or gardening equipment taken. Bikes were also stolen.

Pontefract & Knottingley areas have suffered 9 shed/garage break-ins. The most common way of getting in was by using force/cutting padlocks.

The South East area has suffered 20 shed/garage break-ins. Of these 3 were committed by unscrewing hinges. Again doors were mostly forced and padlocks cut. Of the 20 offences, 40% (8) had fishing equipment or gardening equipment stolen.

Officers are also appealing for information concerning a Peg Perego children's 'choo choo express' toy train that was stolen from a shed in Church Drive, South Kirkby this week. "This is quite an expensive children's toy," said DS Buxton. "If you know of anyone who is offering something of this nature locally in the area for sale please give us a call."

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