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District's Autumn Crime Campaign Underway

Tuesday November 2, 2010

A series of early morning police raids across the Wakefield district has heralded some of the items Recovered at the start of a new crime-busting campaign.

Wakefield District Police fired the first salvo in their new autumn initiative to prevent burglary visiting more than 500 addresses in locations across the district in recent weeks and arresting 134 people so far on suspicion of burglary and other related offences.

The operation is timed to coincide with the end of British Summer Time last weekend when the clocks went back and traditionally there can be a rise in burglaries.

Detective Chief Inspector Dean Henson said police had drawn up a hit list of known burglars who would be targeted with around-the-clock checks in the coming weeks to stop them re-offending.

Neighbourhood Policing Teams will be out on patrol across the district and will target vulnerable households with crime prevention advice as well as working with CASAC (Community Action and Support Against Crime) to improve security at the homes of elderly burglary victims who do not live in Wakefield and District Housing properties.

DCI Henson said: “Criminals who commit offences across the Wakefield district should know that we are on to them and will take firm action, as always, against them in the coming months.

“At this time of year there is traditionally an increase in the number of burglaries with the clocks going back. Houses are particularly vulnerable from mid afternoon onwards when burglars can easily identify unoccupied houses. Taking a few simple precautions can reduce the opportunity for
burglars to strike and lead to fewer people becoming victims of crime.

“We will be doing everything we can to try and prevent burglary but we’d urge householders to help protect themselves by improving the lighting at their homes and ensuring they heed crime prevention advice.”

Police today issued the following security advice to householders to help reduce the risk of an attack:

• Leave a light on inside the house - choose well-used rooms such as the lounge or bedroom, not a hallway or other largely unused area. The intention is to create the impression that someone is in – a significant deterrent. Illuminate the areas of your home which are most likely to achieve this. This will vary from house to house. Timer switches are an excellent way of triggering one or more lights. As daylight hours grow shorter, reset the timer to activate earlier. In the middle of winter, a house with someone at home will often have lights on in the early afternoon and the timer needs to be set accordingly.

• Use lighting outside the house at both the front and back. Fit low energy dusk to dawn lights. They are cheap to install and run. They will lighten up any areas that would be burglars could use to hide, and they don't annoy your neighbours.

DCI Henson added: “This is just the start of out campaign which will take us from autumn into the winter months. The cloak of darkness is ideal cover for criminals allowing them to feel comfortable - we will be doing everything we can to expose them and make them feel uncomfortable."

The operation is supported by the Force's latest crime prevention campaign - The Usual Suspects - which urges residents to give burglars a tough time by taking basic security precautions.

Anyone requiring security advice is asked to contact the crime prevention officer at their local police station. Anyone seeing anything suspicious or who has any information should contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, their local police station on 0845 6060606 or any police officer.

Wakefield North West Neighbourhood Policing Team
Tel no: 01924 294 671

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