Check Identification of Callers (e.g. National Census)

Copy of email received Monday 21st March, 2011

Police are reminding residents to check for identification when officials visit homes in the region as part of the forthcoming 2011 Census process.

The actual Census day is Sunday 27th March, however, the field operation will run from March to mid-August and census field staff will be taking to the streets to offer assistance and collect questionnaires from residential households and communal establishments across West Yorkshire.

Every household in West Yorkshire will have to complete a census form.

Members of the public should remember that:

Residents who return their completed questionnaires promptly (before 6th April) will not be contacted by the census field staff.
All census staff will carry an ID card with photo, logo and hologram and should automatically show their ID and explain who they are They may ask for name and number of residents, but they will not ask for specific details (like credit card details, bank accounts etc).
Census staff should never enter the household unless they are invited and they may also need to make several visits to the same address to ensure a questionnaire is returned.
Residents will not be asked to leave their questionnaire on the doorstep for collection
Residents can request a pre-arranged appointment with a collector via the census helpline number – 0300 0201 101
Additional information/assistance can also be found on the census website

For people who live in communal establishments such as care homes, hotels, and halls of residence will have their questionnaires hand delivered as well as Gypsy and Traveller sites, caravans parks and marinas. A dedicated member of the Census staff will speak with the manager of the complex and agree a date and time to pick-up completed questionnaires. They will not necessarily speak with residents.

West Yorkshire Police are encouraging residents to be alert when dealing with callers at the door.

Chris Joyce, Force Crime Reduction Officer said: "It is a sad fact of life that some people will impersonate others to commit a criminal offence, so it is extremely important that members of the public remember to satisfy themselves that callers at their home are genuine and who they say they

"Most callers at your door will be genuine, but it is vital that you thoroughly check their identity before giving them any personal details of allowing them access to your property’

"The Census Team has ensured that their staff follows good practice when calling at residential properties. However, if you are in any doubt whatsoever about the identity of anyone who calls at your home, do not let them in, turn them away and then alert the Police if you are suspicious of
their intentions."

Anyone who would like additional information about the 2011 Census process should ring the Census Helpline on 0300 0201 101 or visit

Wakefield North West Neighbourhood Policing Team
Tel no: 01924 294 671

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