2011 Sensus

Copy of email received Monday 15th November, 2010

The 2011 Census is coming.......

I am John Birkenshaw the newly  appointed 2011 Census Manager for the Kirklees Area; employed by a Government  Department called the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

I have five colleagues  covering Calderdale, Bradford, Leeds & Wakefield areas. (details  below)

The  reason for making contact with you, is because we have some concerns that some groups of people, including the young,  the elderly, sensory impaired people and people whose 1st  language is not English, within West Yorkshire may prove 'Hard to Count'  during the next census (27th  March 2011).

As a former police officer, I also have concerns  that some unscrupulous criminals may use the census as  an opportunity to commit 'Bogus Caller' type  offences.

The official 2011 Census Logo appears on the Census Staff Identification Card. The card has a white Background with the Logo in the Census 2011 logo in the top  left hand corner and has the cardholders photograph in the top right hand corner inside a Purple Frame and the Name and Staff No of the card  holder.

We  are targeting key organisations and institution to help us spread  the word about the importance of completing the census questionnaires.  It is important to 'count everyone  in' because government funding is allocated per capita and planning future  services and the local infrastructure over the next 10 years is dependant upon  correct funding levels; for example within your sphere of work with the  police and the community. An example of  why we need to count everyone in is because approx 500 is allocated by central  government per head of population; therefore if 1,000 people are not counted;  this equates to 1/2 million shortfall in funding.

As an organisation that has direct links to the  community via Neighbourhood Watch, I would be extremely grateful if you could  assist me in raising the profile of the census with your members,  friends and associates.
If  you require further information, help or assistance you can contact the below  Census Area Manager in your particular area.

Colin  Mockler, Barnsley  &  Wakefield
07801 331327


Wakefield North West Neighbourhood Policing Team
Tel no: 01924 294 671  karen.vezina@westyorkshire.pnn.police.uk

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