Melvin's  Computers

Melvin's  Telephones

iMac 21.5" Desktop

Purchased from PC World:

Note the Apple Keyboard 'stand' has a Mobee wireless charge ledge for mouse, iPhones, etc. (sorry about Melvin's untidy desk  (2/10 see me !)

Bang & Olufsen ENVY PC  (new window)

Purchased from PC World:

Sorry about the lounge TV picture in background  (2/10 see me !)

iPad MINI  (new window)

Purchased from PC World:


iPhone 6  (new window)

(Melvin's previous 'iPhone - now June's 'iPhone)

Original purchase from o2 (upgrade below) 629.99
Now for use by my wife June on P.A.Y.G. (o2)

Capacity:  16 GB
Available:  5.12 GB
Model:  MG472B/A
Serial Number:  C7KPPXHHG5MN
Wi-Fi Address:  D0:25:98:A3:70:4B
Bluetooth:  D0:25:98:A3:70:4C
IMEI:    35 928506 807580 7
MEID:  35928506807580
Modem Firmware:  6.17.00
SEID:  04431213DB2C80014347012022933203886E14B7814ECF0F

iPhone 8 Plus  (new window - open & scroll down)

(Melvin's latest iPhone)

Upgrade from o2: 749.99 Total ?
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB Space Grey
O2 Refresh Unlimited 24 Month 50GB

Capacity:  64GB
Available:  51GB 
Model:  MQ8L2B/A
Serial Number:  F2MVCHDEJCM2 
Wi-Fi Address:  40:CB:C0:30:D4:35
Bluetooth:  40:CB:C0:30:D4:36
IMEI:    35 667408 192637 0
ICCID:  8944110066012775457
Modem Firmware:  1.00.03
SEID:  043A06EB6C428001719900930894239326E370431EF2707F

BT Call Blocking Telephones  (new window - open & scroll down)

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