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(No. 11 Bolus Close, Outwood, Wakefield, WF1 3DJ)

Curriculum Vitae

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Present Web Work  (Now RETIRED but only just learning !)
I have found, mainly from feedback from the Blue Water Marina website, that people browsing for INFORMATION – e.g. boats for sale, prices, pictures, etc. – prefer SIMPLE, FAST DOWNLOADING, EASILY NAVIGATED web structures.
I usually avoid frames and often provide thumbnail pictures, enlarged by clicking only when required.
Clicking on pictures usually returns to the last page unless a mouse hover prompt indicates otherwise.  This facility saves scrolling for navigation text or buttons.

As webmaster for Blue Water Marina - Thorne near Doncaster - I was responsible for setting up WIFI facilities for boaters using a BT business hub.  This facility allowed local and visiting boaters access to the internet for email & web browsing requirements.

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Narrowboat Charter  (new window) 1990 - 1997