Email Contacts and Groups 

My 'new' HP Bang & Olufsen ENVY Laptop Computer is, of course, set up with Windows 10 Operating System, Microsoft Edge Web Browser, and Windows Mail ...
I  have had no success in importing email contacts and groups so am currently checking out other possibilities.

Currently, I have changed to Microsoft 'Internet Explorer' Web Browser and Microsoft 'Outlook' for Emails, however my previous email addresses are still active.

I currently have 275 email addresses, acquired over some 16 years of 'messing with the internet and emails'.  Some of these addresses may no longer be used and, indeed, some of their 'owners' may no longer be on this planet (Google Earth ?)

  12/12/16 Refresh No:


Current Contacts:

275 Mainly Imported
01 Boating 10  
02 Computer: 11 General Computer Information Contacts
03 Computer Club: 20
04 Denis: 8 (R.I.P.)
05 Doctor: 2
06 Family: 29
07 Isherwood's Group: 24
08 Kitson: 17
19 Outwood WMC: 24
10 Roger & Moya Carr: 6
11 Sailors Club: 9
12 Sillies: 18
13 Xmas: 115 Email me if you haven't received E-Card !
  Unknown:   Not many !

If you are in more than one of my groups, you should receive emails from each so some may be duplicated - apologies !

The 'Sillies' Emails were initially used for humorous stuff but I also receive some educational, travel and other stuff.  With 18 in the group, I cannot vet who to send to and, since I occasionally modify content, I also include the sender in the Cc: copies - 'Outlook' does not have a Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) facility - so if you forward to others, I  do not mind you including 'MY' email address but please delete all others.
Please inform me if you would like to be deleted from any of the groups by REPLYING to the email and putting 'Delete' in Subject line.

Melvin (Mel) Ashton
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