Apple Mac 21" Desktop Computer System Auction         Refresh Here ?

System available to view and information available ...
At Outwood Computer Club meeting on Wednesday evening 6th February, 2019
(date of auction to be determined - possibly 'on the night' ?)

Melvin Ashton has rarely used his 21" Apple Desktop Computer
He has since purchased a new HP / Bang & Olufsen Laptop PC

He is prepared to offer his little used Apple System for auction at
Outwood Computer Club ....
If sold, the money is to be donated to Computer Club funds.

Michael Hooley and Ashley Gatt have agreed to this and to offer any help required.

The computer is to be restored to original settings and
The Operating System will be updated to the latest version.

Purchase information:
25/03/15  Apple 21" Desktop Computer System  1,241.95

Previous Apple Devices (available if required)
24/08/14   iPad 16W1 GR  249.00
20/09/14  Wireless Keyboard (can be used with iPad etc.)  59.00
20/09/14  Mobee Magic Charger  39.95
20/09/14  Magic Mouse Interface 59.00


Possible useful information (new windows):

1)  Melvin's Computers and 'phones (includes pictures)

2)   Ebay Systems  - (for typical sale prices ?)
      (Average price of 21.5" is currently in the order of 320)
     Hence, a 'reserved' sale price has been determined
     (consider the purchase price and condition).

3)  Resetting Information   (new window)

4)  If a user dies and leaves a computer to family, files and photographs etc.
     can be retrieved ..
     Retrieving files, photographs, etc.   (new window)

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