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Chloe, June & Melvin's
Bolus Close Home Page

Outwood,  Wakefield,  West Yorkshire, WF1 3DJ


RIP Toy Poodle Chloe

2008 - 2019

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RIP June 1940 - 2019
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Yorkshire Terrier Ernie
dob 23/10/17
to Melvin 07/11/19

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Ernie has been Melvin's pal from 7th November, 2019

Perhaps June sent Ernie to support Melvin ?

A tribute to my late wife June Ashton

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Mel & June's Bridlington Information & Pictures

All the way          Unchained melody          Smoke gets in your eyes

these titles were chosen for our wedding on Melvin's 74th birthday, (30th August, 2014), AND for June's funeral on 3rd October, 2019
(please close any sound track before opening a second to prevent sound 'clashes')

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(No. 11 Bolus Close, Outwood, Wakefield, WF1 3DJ)

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A Tribute to my late wife and soulmate June Ashton
passed away on 23rd September, 2019)

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